All in Koch

DeSmog: Surprise! The Four GOP Representatives Behind Bill to Abolish EPA Are Backed by Fossil Fuel Industry

The four GOP representatives have raked in campaign cash from some of the biggest corporations peddling fossil fuels, including Koch Industries, Duke Energy, Chevron, and ExxonMobil. What’s more, an independent political spending group funded by an oil and gas company stepped in with ad buys to aid in Gaetz’s recent U.S. House race.

Over their careers, these legislators appear to have responded in kind, pushing legislation favored by the industries reliant on fossil fuels. Here’s who they are, how much they’ve received from the industry, and what they’ve been up to in recent years. 

Salon: Groups tied to the Koch brothers lied to the IRS — and they’re paying for it

For billionaire industrialist brothers who have funded climate change denial for decades, it’s no surprise that the political groups they finance lied to the Internal Revenue Service about their election activities. But unexpectedly, the gridlocked Federal Elections Commission, which rarely enforces any campaign finance laws, slapped three groups backed by Charles and David Koch with hefty fines earlier this summer.